While working a part-time event seven years ago, a co-worker and I became friends over our love of animals. We had funny stories to share about our pets. During that time, she was adopting a new cat to add to her family of two dogs and one cat. When I saw her at work the next week she was in tears when she talked about her new addition because no one was getting along. She was afraid she would have to take the cat back to the shelter. The cat and dogs she already had were acting out and all the animals were in separate rooms at different times. I remembered hearing how the Young Living essential oil blend called Harmony was helpful for relationships. After some searching at home, I found my unused bottle and gave her a small sample. I suggested diffusing it or applying one drop directly to all the animals along their spine. The next day she was so happy because the animals had declared a truce and were not acting aggressively like they were before. By the next week, she said she had to stop using it because all the animals were so calm and would just lay around, almost like they were sedated! She sent me a great picture of all four animals laying peacefully in the living room together as a new family.

Since that time, Harmony is my favorite oil to use with my Healing Touch for Animals students and no longer sits on a back shelf!  Perfect for when animals or people are in new situations like a new household, a different environment, or where they will be around new people or animals. Recently, I had a client who fostered cats. One of her cats was in transit to a new household after her owner had passed. She was moving to a family member’s home who had several other animals. Again, I recommended Harmony essential oil and when the move happened, all the animals were calm and accepting of each other.

Personally, anytime I go to the dog park where my dogs will meet lots of new friends, we all get a drop of Harmony to ensure a fun time. I also use it with family members who have dogs that are a little protective of their space. One drop and their dogs are calmer and more willing to meet new people and other dogs. Imagine the uses for in-laws, coworkers, and spouses!

Cristi Eckert

Owner, Natural Pet Wellness


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