The following heartwarming story was submitted by one of our Healing Touch for Animals® Certified Practitioners . . .

by Susan C. Kaufmann, HTACP

I started on my HTA journey after volunteering for a number of years as a Feline Adoption Counselor at a large animal welfare center in my area. I saw how easy some cats adjusted to the cattery environment and were quickly adopted. However, I also saw those who deeply struggled in this environment, especially those who were surrendered. I knew I needed to do something to help them.

One such cat was Tabby. At the age of 7, she was surrendered by her owners. She lived her life with 2 people who obviously loved her very much, but they were being moved to an extended care facility and could not take Tabby with them. This was a traumatic separation for both the people and for Tabby. Tabby’s owners were heartbroken at having to surrender her, and called weekly to check on her.

Tabby found herself in unfamiliar surroundings, scared, alone and depressed. She stayed in the back of her cage, lying in her litter box with her back to the world. As the weeks passed, there was little to no improvement. The volunteers and staff would try to work with her and would at times give her the visiting room overnight to let her stretch her legs. Whenever she entered the visiting room and got the scent of other cats, she would hiss and lash out and become difficult to handle.

I knew I had to do something to try to help her because I was concerned that her continued depression and escalating aggression may not bode well for her. So on a Saturday in mid-November many years ago, I went in to the cattery to work with Tabby. She was already in her carrier as the cattery was being cleaned. I took her carrier into a quiet office in the shelter where it was just Tabby and me. I gently opened the carrier door and waited for her to come out in her own time. She slowly emerged and began to explore the room. As she was doing this, I grounded, centered and set my intention for her highest good and to help her de-stress and strive for adoption. She quietly re-entered her carrier as her safe zone. I was then able to get her to come out and sit with me. On assessment, all her chakras were shut down and on Hara Line assessment, her Tan Tien had vanished. I began repairing her Hara Line and she actually allowed me to hold her. Her body relaxed. I did the bridging technique and spoke to her to address behavioral improvement. I told her it was understandable that she felt displaced and was unhappy being in a cage with other cats around; however, lying in her cage with her back to everyone was not conducive to finding a new forever home. I explained that she needed to help us get her adopted, and she needed to come to the front of her cage to attract potential adopters during visiting hours. I cleared her field and then she went back in to her carrier, but not way to the back, rather closer to the front where I was able to do the Etheric Heartbeat technique on her. At that point, her field felt full. Very basic techniques, yet very powerful. I then closed her carrier door and reassured her all the way back to the cattery. When I returned her to her cage, I cued her to ‘remember’. Something so simple yet again something so powerful. Tabby’s life was about to change….

When the cattery opened for adoption hours, I turned and looked and there was Tabby at the front of her cage, sitting so pretty! Mid way thru adoption hours, a middle-aged couple came in saying that they had seen Tabby twice and this was their third time back as they were drawn to her, though had not yet decided to adopt her. They wanted to visit with her. This was her chance!!!! She came easily out of her cage and I put her in a room with this couple. When the gentleman sat next to her and they were face to face, Tabby gave him a couple of head butts. She then did the same with the woman. Tabby had picked her new owners (and I had to hold back tears of joy)!!! This couple did in fact decide to adopt Tabby and took her home that day. A follow up call several days later revealed that Tabby was happily settling in to her new forever home. A call to Tabby’s previous owners had them so ecstatic with tears of joy for their little girl.

This was exactly why I started my HTA journey. Tabby is the absolute cornerstone of my personal inspiration. Her success story is gratifying beyond words. I think of her often and how HTA was instrumental in helping her attract her new home. I think of Tabby whenever another poor, depressed soul crosses my path and am extremely grateful to have the tools to help as I continue my work with rescue organizations.

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