We love to hear from instructors, coordinators, and practitioners about their experiences with HTA. This month we spoke with Blair Hope. Blair is a Level 4 HTA Practitioner and owner of Heart Centered Healing & Animal Communication in Royal Oak, Maryland. Click “Watch Now” to meet Blair and hear about her HTA experience!

A video play button over an image of Blair Hope and her dog, Bear.Q: How did you get involved with Healing Touch for Animals®?

A: When my “heart dog,” a chocolate lab named Bear, turned 12, I wanted natural ways to support him as he aged. Bear and I attended Level 1 and we both loved it. By Level 2, I knew something amazing was happening. Bear walked into class with a limp and after receiving treatments during class, he trotted up the steps for his potty break like a puppy. HTA was a gift to Bear through the rest of his life. I am so grateful he led me to HTA because I’ve been able to help so many animals in the past 10+ years.

Q: What is the best way to stay engaged with HTA?

A: Participate in the monthly mentorship calls! If you can’t attend live, sign up anyway so that you can receive and listen to the call recording. Join and participate in the HTA Student Group on Facebook, too. HTA is the most welcoming and inspiring community, and the monthly calls are gold. I learn something new or hear something in a different way than I did before on every call. I really appreciate the support from Carol and the HTA staff for all practitioners.

Q: What have you done to grow your HTA practice?

A: I have contacted shelters and rescues to volunteer my services, and reached out to other pet professionals. I’ve met wonderful people who also love animals and I have created a network of professionals that I trust. We work together to support pets and their parents. I tell people how HTA helps pets and then offer to do a complimentary session for them on either their own pet or an animal at the shelter. Experiencing is believing and the shelters have been open to me working with their animals. The trainers and pet sitters speak to their clients with excitement and knowledge of how HTA can help.

Q: What is your favorite HTA technique?

A: It’s hard to pick just one. I love Hara Repair and Balance™ for animals that have developed behaviors that are stressful to the pet and their person. Particularly when it’s an escalating behavior or when their person has tried other solutions and the pet is still struggling. Bridging is often still my go-to technique because it helps animals express their true selves and is very comforting. I always use Bridging to connect during my animal communication sessions.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of HTA for you?

A: Being able to help animals that are struggling, scared, hurting, or confused. HTA allows me to give back to the amazing souls that give us unconditional love and teach us so much. Being able to do something to help an animal feel better or find peace is priceless.

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