by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder

I have been in the field of energy therapy since 1988 and working with Healing Touch (HT) since 1989. We are taught from the beginning of our Healing Touch journey to set intention for the highest good, let go of outcome and realize that we are not doing the work. We facilitate the energy for the clients to do their own healing.allie-qyvq_sLu19M-unsplash (002)

When we do our HT sessions, we are grounded, centered and have the best intent of healing for the client. We also include ourselves in the intention because the energy is flowing through our own bodies before it flows into the individual receiving.

The body will receive the balance and the clearing as you provide your HT/HTA sessions. This is only the first step for the overall betterment during your session.

When we use our clear intent, it creates an imprint within the energy system that goes beyond just the session. The imprint establishes change that can be supported for the body to heal. It is a permanent application and the final step to our treatments. The intention is imprinting each molecule of the energy system with the clarity that is needed to make change.

As we work with a client (person or animal), our highest good intention is there. We include the specifics of why we are working with the client (cancer, habit change, desired acceleration of a personal goal). But think about the one step beyond and how you can provide a greater response of the body as you work.

We are taught to not focus on the outcome, but we really are looking for the best of the body’s response to heal. So are we not expecting an outcome of the most desirable health for this body? Of course we are. The difference is that we realize that the energy we provide for an individual is not coming directly from our own being, but the source is coming from God, Universe, Mother Earth, angels, spirit guides and the collective consciousness that impacts those involved.

It is not about the outcome, but rather the desired energetic imprint that happens as we work, which allows us to go one step beyond.

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