Change is always at hand with our animals and ourselves. I have found that when working with our animals, just like speaking to our children, they want to know what is happening.

A simple way to support our animals is by talking to them. Let them know when you will be gone and when you will return. They can sense your energy when you pull into your driveway, so let them know you if have had a good day or a bad day. Also, let them know of upcoming changes like a vacation, a party, an out-of-town visitor coming soon, a person or animal going through a health crisis, or a family member heading for college in the fall. The list goes on.

When we include our animals in life events, we are not just sharing our experiences but also conveying our desires for health, safety, and a peaceful household. Our animals, with their super-sensitive, expanded energy system, pick up on these signals through our words. The vibration of our voices permeates our energy field as we speak, and the animals receive this information and recognize and confirm what they already feel from our presence. Our responsible voice and care can deepen our bond and improve their well-being.

Love them more and have a chat!

Gratitude and love,

handwritten signature of Carol Komitor

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