With the passing of Leap Day, we have caught up! Over the last four years, the accumulated seconds, minutes, and hours have made a whole additional day. This catch-up year helps us take a breath as we accept this gift of more time in 2024.

I, too, am catching up with things that have been accumulating or ignored for some time. It’s time for Spring cleaning to clear spaces and eliminate clutter on many levels. Leap Day also brings us closer to Spring. Remember, as we experience more daylight each day, we must be mindful of our self-care and the care of our animals. We are getting ready for additional Spring/Summer activities coming soon. It’s time for health check-ups, grooming appointments, and exercise, to name a few conscious things.

We also can check in on our relationships, nourish them with our unique animals and people, to recognize their importance in our lives. How do we connect, and how can we make that connection better? Allow our spiritual presence and big heart to improve our special bond. Explore how more joy can be a permanent asset in our own lives.

As we end our season of reflection and move into Spring, recognize your blessings and dwell in gratitude. Hug those you love and allow them to embrace you with all they offer. Give and receive the powerful healing energy of love. LEAP forward with all that you are!

Love, gratitude, and hugs,

handwritten signature of Carol Komitor

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