Hibernation is over and the first buds of spring are here! Animals have emerged from their long slumber, and the world around us vibrates with renewed energy. This awakening is not just confined to the natural world; it also resonates within us and our domestic pets, too.

During hibernation, animals take a period of rest that is vital for energy conservation. Our beloved pets at home might have nestled into quieter, more restful patterns, too during the colder months, mirroring this natural cycle. But as the season shifts, there is a noticeable burst of energy. Your pets might seem more playful and eager to engage and explore. This change is a signal, a call to action for us as well, reminding us that change is a natural part of life and can bring about new opportunities and growth.

Though not hibernators in the traditional sense, humans feel a similar need to ‘wake up’ and find renewed motivation as the seasons change. The onset of spring and early summer offers a unique

opportunity to refresh our lives, recommit to goals, or set new ones. It’s a time to shake off any feelings of stagnation and leap forward with vigor.

Use this time to evaluate areas in your personal or professional life that may benefit from a jolt of motivation. Whether in your Healing Touch for Animals® practice or in your life, this is a prime time to seek out new skills, revitalize existing ones, or simply rejuvenate your daily routine. Whatever area you focus on, remember that setting intentions is a powerful tool that can guide and accelerate your growth.

We can find renewed motivation to reignite our passion and purpose by taking inspiration from the world around us. It’s time to move out of hibernation and into a state of dynamic motivation!

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