A terrific story was shared with us by Erin F. of Maryland, one of our Level 4 Practitioners

I recently had a wonderful HTA experience with a wild owl on Assateague Island. He was a young Northern Saw-whet Owl that was captured as part of a 20-year long owl research project at Assateague Island National Seashore. This little guy was caught at 9pm on a gorgeous, clear, moonlit Saturday night. We bagged him and carried him back to the field lab. He weighed 81 grams (2.8 oz.) so he was small and stressed after being caught in the netting and faced with humans and indoor surroundings.

After being weighed, measured, banded and evaluated by the biologist, I was able to do a quick HTA treatment before we released him. I used Magnetic Clearing for Animals™ and Vibrational Grooming™ and he responded positively to both. He seemed to particularly like the Vibrational Grooming™ and hesitated in the palm of my hand for a minute before he flew off into the nearby tree. They tell me he has returned 3 more times since we first caught him on Nov. 22 – now that he is banded they can tell it is the same bird. I have to believe he is coming back looking for more HTA!

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