Working with energy medicine helps to keep the practitioner in balance. Each time we enter another’s energy field, touch the physical body and guide the energy system into balance, we also become balanced ourselves.

Our intentional presence allows our unconditional heart to lead the way to healing as we provide the course of action of our beloved work. The healing energy comes through our energy facilitation as the volume of energy is controlled by the needs of the recipient. Because we work from our heart and the energy flows through us first, the healer also receives the benefits of the session. When we are connected to the grounded energy of Mother Earth and to God/Universe/Nature/Source of energy flow, the process becomes simple. We get out of the way and the energy does the work for us.

When we work with an animal, the energy flows through us much greater than when we work with a person. An animal’s energy system is ten times, or more, greater than that of a human depending on its size and if it is in a domestic environment, outdoors or in the wild. As a result, there is an enhanced opportunity for the practitioner to clear and balance his/her own energy system much more while providing an energy treatment to an animal friend.

The animal’s energetic sensitivity allows only the amount of energy needed to support its healing, as the volume of the energy flow opens wide and the animal receives all the energy needed to balance its expanded energy field. Practitioners, as the intermediaries, benefit from the ten-times greater energy volume flowing into the animal’s energy system which also affects their own. So, it becomes a question of whose heart connects to whom, whose heart heals whom?

Try this and experience the ultimate in “allow.” Place your hand on your favorite animal’s heart then step into the place of energy presence. Think of all the love your animal freely gives you and without turning on your healer switch, just be. Notice what happens.

The natural energy exchange comes through much greater than one might expect. We have stepped out of the way, the animal automatically exudes their unconditional love and the healing exchange begins. The question becomes, whose heart is healed?

Author Carol Komitor can be found at

Energy Magazine
Mar/Apr 2016 – Issue Eighty-Four

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