We love to hear from instructors, coordinators, and practitioners about their experiences with HTA. This month we spoke with Robin Phelps. Robin is HTA’s Supervising Coordinator, based in Colorado.

Q: How did you get involved with Healing Touch for Animals®?

A: I started my wellness practice as a certified herbalist and aromatherapist and soon found Healing Touch for people. The energy piece made so much sense to me as the perfect way to support people from the outside through their energy field while also supporting their bodies from the inside with nutrition. Along that journey people often asked if I could help their animals. Knowing that it would benefit our animal friends, I took my first HTA class about 14 years ago and never looked back.

Q: What is the best way to stay engaged with HTA?

A: Practice, practice, practice — on your own animals, animals you know through others, and look into volunteer opportunities. In addition to staying in touch with classmates, participate in our monthly mentoring calls and following the student Facebook page are great ways to engage with the wonderful HTA community.

Q: What is your favorite HTA technique?

A: I have used the Bridging™ technique the most — it is simple, powerful and can be done easily in most situations. The Advance Proficiency 2 (AP2) technique Pele’ Detox and Clear™ is my favorite. It is a high-frequency technique that goes deep to clear the energy field, allowing energy to flow more easily, while also helping to support grounding. It provides excellent benefits to the client — whether animal or human — and helps me stay clear and grounded as a practitioner, too.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of HTA for you?

As a lifelong lover and guardian of many species of animals, I truly appreciate understanding the energy system of animals and how it is quite different from that of humans. This has allowed me to help animals in many ways, from physical ailments to emotional and behavioral issues. I love watching the quality of life increase for animals and by extension, their humans!

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