Spring is the season of rebirth, renewal, and transformation throughout nature. It also affects the energy surrounding all living things. The energy of budding leaves and blossoming flowers awakens a life force that resonates between humans and animals alike. This new life force is profoundly symbiotic, especially for those attuned to the nuances of energy practice, like Healing Touch for Animals®.

As the days grow longer and the winter thaw begins, animals come alive with extra vigor. The domestic animals sharing our homes and lives are not untouched by this seasonal shift. Dogs may become more playful, while cats might relish lounging in sunbeams piercing through windowsills. Birds sing a little louder, and horses have an extra spring in their step, frolicking in their paddocks. During this time, the HTA Practitioner or those who know energy disciplines have the opportunity for Spring to strengthen the bond with our animals.

Allow the new season’s energy to sync with yours, creating a harmonious exchange of support to influence the energy of healing, growth, and sustained well-being. As Spring unfolds, let’s develop our individual growth by expanding our knowledge as we open and refresh our skills.

As we step into renewal, our animals see by example our enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment and follow suit to improve their connection to us and their environment. The animals increase their balance and placement because they see our changes.

Together, let’s bloom, become more aware, and rejuvenate our energy and excitement as we find joy in the energetic dance that binds us to our animals and each other.

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