How do I help my horses that are Buddy Sour?

I love these kinds of questions because it gives me an opportunity to explore and think about the energy behind the problem.

Buddy Sour is a term for separation anxiety with horses. The horses become such dependent buddies that it seems they are joined at the hip. The dynamics of their well-being when the horses are separated begins to domino into complete chaos.

This blog will help with the understanding of this troublesome situation by explaining the energy effects of the problem and then offer solutions to help the horses calm their anxiety.

When there is a Buddy Sour label or diagnosis, it is important to establish trust and leadership to the person involved with their care. The person must be the one who the horse looks to for guidance. The horse must hold a secure sense of safety to maintain a clear sense of self.

Some would say that Buddy Sour is a training issue, and I would agree, however, it is also an energetic disturbance that can be repaired. Training will give the physical foundation to support the energy repair, therefore empowering each of the horses to be whole unto themselves as they remain friends.

The energetic repair and strengthening will create the well-being desired for the individual horse. The energy balance will allow the horse to gain trust with their handler as their behavior shifts into a strong, gentle presence. A balanced energy system brings in a sense of well-being which enables a better animal-human bond.

I will not speak to the training aspect of this situation because there are many amazing trainers who will offer suggestions.

I will, however, address the energetics and the easy applications that can be done by the Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner to help a Buddy Sour situation. I will list a link to a trainer (who I found online) that has some solid common-sense suggestions, offered through kindness, that will help establish leadership for the horse person.

Buddy Sour and the Physical:

Physically, the horses eat and graze together, play together and they rest and sleep near one another. The buddies are always watching out for and interacting with their best friend. This seemingly peaceful and loving relationship only becomes a problem when one of the pair is taken away from the other, then havoc ensues. Pacing, squealing, and panic overcomes the horse left behind. The horse taken away also
displays anxious behavior and so the term Buddy Sour.

Buddy Sour and the Energy:

The energy system of the healthy horse is separate from other horses. When there is a Buddy Sour situation, the horse’s energy is not separate, but in fact, one big energy bubble shared by the horses involved. This blended energy presence of the two horses creates a hyper-sensitivity to everything around the pair.

The two horse’s energy fields blend and work in unison as they move around their environment. They do not have proper energetic boundaries to contain their sensitivity, therefore, they rely on their pasture buddy to help them survive. This situation accelerates the fight or flight response and takes the horse out of an emotional safety. They do not work as an individual as the horse becomes dependent

on the other horse for their safety and security. When one of the horses is removed, it is as if the other is torn apart. This kind of condition, if we were looking at a human, could be classified as co-dependent behavior.

Energetic Application:

Here are suggested energy applications that can help horse anxiety. The techniques suggested are from the Healing Touch for Animals® curriculum and address several levels of the HTA Program. Remember when working with such conditions, you use what you know to support the desired outcome. Through clear intention, use of the HTA techniques to balance, clear and stabilize the energy system, and proper training of the horse, Buddy Sour can be changed.

HTA Techniques to choose from for Buddy Sour:

  • Bridging with Behavior Change™
  • Bridging™
  • Chakra Balance™
  • Chi Balance™
  • Etheric Heartbeat™
  • God’s Eye™
  • Grounding & Focus™
  • Hara Repair and Balance™
  • Magnetic Clearing™
  • Sound Therapy OM Balance™

Essential Oils Suggestions to use with Buddy Sour HTA Sessions:

  • Basil
  • Bergamot
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium
  • Grounding™
  • Idaho Blue Spruce™
  • Melissa
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce™
  • Peace & Calming™

Steps to remember for reducing Buddy Sour

  1. Training to gain trust.
  2. Energy clearing and balance to stabilize a strong energy system.
  3. Follow through with both training and energetic support to maintain a sense of
    security for the horses involved.

Training link:
Western Horseman Magazine (2018), Jennifer Zehnder-author

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