Teaching how energy therapies can be used with animals is my joyful job! I love sharing energy techniques that support the health and well-being of our animals.

The unique animal techniques developed specifically for Healing Touch for Animals® can easily be used to support people for their own health and energy balance. I have been using the HTA techniques for myself and for my people clients since they “downloaded” for the animal program. Just like for the animals, the techniques provide relaxation to invite healing for the body, mind, and spirit, adding more tools to assist our people.                                  

Netherlands—September 2022! Bridging Animals to People™ was presented live for the first time! I say, “live” because I have presented a shortened version through an online webinar.

Six specific HTA techniques that help to support the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of people were offered in this one-day course. The students learned how to use the techniques with their human clients and how to support their own self-care. We incorporated the use of our therapeutic essential oils for additional care and experienced a special day for health, balance, manifestation, and FUN!

Thank you to all the people in the Netherlands for this terrific, first-time experience! Your healing community is solid! Your caring hearts and healing hands are touching more than just our animals—the people are now benefitting, too!

Check-out the Bridging Animals to People™ course being offered in your area!


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